Mission Statement

The bluepage Mission Statement: To build solutions and value to our customers, employees, environment and stakeholders


Our passion comes from every member of the bluepage business, we’re mighty proud of what we achieved and what we can achieve in the future

  • We’re proud of the company and what we do
  • We look for constant improvement
  • We care about the customer


Nothing is more important to us than safety. Within bluepage we care about each other, the community and the environment.

  • We take responsibility for the things we do
  • We look out for each other
  • We look out for family, communities and the environment

Business Relationships

The success of our business is directly linked to the relationships we build and maintain with our customers, shareholders, employees and the community in which we work ensuring integrity at all times.  This is one of the most crucial elements to the bluepage business and success.

  • We always deliver on our promises
  • We understand our customer’s needs
  • We value and trust each other


Our people are highly skilled, trained and experienced. Our system is built to deliver. Our products are of the highest quality. We create solutions and value for what our customers, employees and stakeholders require.

  • We rise to every challenge
  • We create solutions
  • We build partnerships for the future